Mario Tractor 2

About Mario Tractor 2

Mario Tractor 2 is a part 2 of the exciting set of racing sport. The game has been released by also permits you to play on the web flash. This game has cute graphics and entertaining game play. With all these designs, games are acceptable for all ages, especially children and families.

At the game, you will play a character with your car and attempt to conduct to the destination in the shortest period. However, you need to note that the golden coins are on the road. Every time you consume these gold coins, they will look in your car. And if you drive your vehicle badly, these coins can fall out.

The interesting point of this game is the terrain is quite bumpy. There’ll be lines you need to run slowly, otherwise you are certainly going to drop the golden coins. Additionally, the time variable also affects your results. The shorter you operate, the more bonus points you’ll get. You should also note the “Target” of each level. If you do not reach the target, you will fail and need to play till you arrive at the target.

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