Endless Lake

About Endless Lake

Endless Lake is also an endless runner game developed by Mercenarystudio.com. This game has adorable images and basic play games, suitable for many ages, especially kids and families.

In the game, you may get a grip on an extremely cute square character and the character will run consistently nonstop. Your task would be to conduct as much as you can. The longer you conduct, the more points you will have. If you in the top ten players with the maximum score, then your name will be on the leader board on the web.

The intriguing thing in this game is that the character gets got the ability to jump and jump double. Benefit from this ability to overcome the barriers in the game. The task with this game is the length along the way. You need to figure out exactly when you have to jump once so when you need to jump two.

Furthermore, there will be special portals that whenever you run through this, your personality will split into multiple personalities. You will even find gold coins in route. Use them to buy new skins to your own personality.

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