COLORING BLOXY BOY can be just a stylist – match developed by VIDEO IGRICE. This match has simple graphics and is suitable for many ages, particularly children and families. You may play with this game on the web because it is just a flash game.

Within this game, your task is to create and make a personality with exquisite looks, along with the color of the clothes and the surrounding landscape.

To begin with, you will pick the color for your hair – face – eye – knob – top – trousers and shoes. You can find more than a hundred colors for you. Following that, you may pick the photo frame for the personality, you will also add a furry friend at the lower right corner of this photo framework. Last but not least choose the scenery around. You want to pick a scene which suits your personality.

As soon as you’ve done every thing, you may click the “Next” button again and again “like” the design you’ve generated.

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