Age of War 2

About Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is an extremely fun strategy game created by Louissi. The game includes simple images and you can easily play this match on flash site.

In Section 2, the game has three ways to get players from easy to difficult, but there is also an mad mode for you personally. The sport is similar to the initial part, but in part two the game has updates such as:

Unit: There are components offered for you and some types you must unlock.

Turrets: All these really are your base defense equipment.

Specials: Specific skill features much like that of Component 1. However, you may utilize it in order to evolve to modern.

Up grades: fresh characteristics to improve ability and unlock new units.

You could have 1000 health. Try to protect it.

Pop: new capabilities. It informs you the highest amount of soldiers you can muster at Precisely the Same time

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