Angry Birds Hunter

About Angry Birds Hunter

Angry Birds Hunter can be a interesting shot with adorable images. This match has simple gameplay which is acceptable for many ages, especially children and families. You can experience this match in your browser as it is actually a flash game.

In this game you’ll be having fun with a flat screen along with your task will be to shoot 10 angry birds. These mad birds will fly in front of you personally and you uses firearms to take them.

You want to shoot 10 mad birds to complete the stage. In each turn, one or two mad birds will probably appear and you only have 6 “bullets” to destroy all of them. In the event that you cannot destroy the mad birds with this number you could lose. But when you destroy all of these, your gun will be reloaded.

The intriguing thing in this game is that there are many mad birds. They will be different in size, speed … and also how they fly. You want to shoot accurately to destroy them.

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