Pac Xon Deluxe

About Pac Xon Deluxe

Pac Xon De Luxe is an action game at the popular Pac Man Set of Namco Bandai. However, in the web version of the flash, Pac Xon Deluxe provides players a fresh breath with an extremely distinctive way of playing.

The match has 50 stages, and each platform has exactly the same map being a rectangular space. The character we will be commanding would be Pac Xon with the exceptional ability that the pa-c Xon line moves right through to form a closed area where the closed distance turns into a wall. Your task in the overall game is to control Pac Xon’s moves to create walls. And when the surfaces is more than 80 percent in comparison with the channels, then you may pass during this stage. Pa-c Xon himself could move on the walls he creates. At the beginning of stage 1, you will be awarded 3 lifetimes and this lifetime can increase as you advance through the following stages.

Pac’s largest barrier could be the critters. If you hit on them you will lose 1 life, whenever you lose your life you will neglect on such a stage. Most monsters will not have the ability to move throughout the walls, but as they progress to a larger stage, you are going to face the same issue as the number of monsters will be. Wall, there will be monsters that if touching the wall will eat a wall socket box at the spot where it rolls, there is going to soon be creatures proceeding exceptionally fast …

But the game also brings yet another interesting thing for that ball player is the power up items. All these are the items that when eaten in Pa-c Xon will possess special skills within a Brief amount of time:

Two red grapes: Assist Pac Xon move faster in a quick length of time.
Orange: slows the movement of creatures in a brief amount of time.
Strawberry: Construction critters stand still for a brief amount of time.
Especially the circular fresh fruit which emits such a type when consumed by monsters will prevent Pac Xon because now if Pac Xon strikes monsters, they will have the ability to eat monsters. Naturally, this ability could only be maintained for a short period of time.

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