Super Flippy Knife

About Super Flippy Knife

How to Perform Flippy Games

Super Flippy Knife is an arcade game Created by Kiz10. The game has cute graphics, bright colors and is suitable for all ages. You can experience this sport on your browser because it is a flash web

In the match, you will be controlling a knife and you need to meet the requirements that the game provides you. There are two modes to perform in this match: Arcade and Target.

Arcade: This is the manner where you will throw the knife into the atmosphere and also the “nose” of the knife down the log. The more rotating the blade, the more points there’ll be. On the other hand, the score is only calculated if you make the “nose” of this knife plugged to the log.

Target: The task in this manner is to throw the knife into the correct beer. You also have to make sure that the “nose” of the knife plugged to the beer, you get points.

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