DogeMiner 2

About DogeMiner 2

DogeMiner 2 is part 2 of this simulation — clicker game. With very simple gameplay and graphics, this game is acceptable for all ages. Especially for people who prefer to kill time.

In this part 2, game play will be just like the first one. You’ll also need to click many times to find the dogecoin. However, the game has some upgrades as follows:

Mining Shibe: very type shibe to mine considerably dogecoin. Price: 20 dogecoin.

Doge Kenels: entire kenels to mine dogecoin.

Slave Kittens: post cute video to the internet to get dogecoin. Price: 1.800 dogecoin.

Price: 50.000 dogecoin.

There are 2 items locked.

However, the interesting element of the part 2 is that every time you click, you will notice the percentage of things emerging as dogecoin falls out (you need to click on them to get them quickly, since they will disappear for a few seconds), or even the dogebag (once opened, there will be very intriguing rewards)

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