Heli Attack 3

About Heli Attack 3

The game has cute graphics and is acceptable for all ages. It is possible to readily play with games on web flash.

From the game, you will control a soldier, even with weapons such as pistols, machine guns, grenades, daggers, bow … Your task from the game will be to kill all the enemies in each stage.

The interesting component of this game would be that after defeating the enemy, then you will have the ability to get brand new firearms. There are lots of great and strong weapons waiting to be researched in the game.

The match will probably possess zones, each zone will have different missions and you’ll have to perform them in case you would like to get into the following zone. At the tutorial part of this match, you will be taught to perform the in-game skills, which are extremely useful and crucial for completing assignments.

Additionally, there are other games at the series for you to play like Heli Attack, Heli Attack two as well as similar games you may play like Heli Strike, fire-fight…
The Way To Play:

Utilize WASD to control.
Use Shift to busy time distort.
Use E and Q to alter weapon.
Use P to pause.

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