Bomb It 5

About Bomb It 5

Bomb It 5 will be the first installment of this incredibly attractive bomb-battle show developed by In this area 5, the game keeps the features of these preceding parts like cute graphics, bright colours and suitable for all ages, particularly children and family.

The gameplay Part 5 is just like an ingredient 4. The game still allows one Player and two Players on the same PC. Nevertheless, the match has some differences:

– There are just 8 characters to allow the gamer to select from.
– Styl “Chibi” character.
– Allows custom buttons to control the personality to the player’s liking.
– There are 7 types of power up items.
– You will find just 7 Weapons Item ( completely different from the 4th).
– There are 4 kinds of Vehicles ( different from the 4th).
– You’ll find more fashion items.

Once picking out the game mode, you are able to customize the number of players, so the range of players in the map, degrees, stadium and lastly the difficulty of the platform.

The game styles will also be different compared to fourth:

– Arcade: Destroy all enemies.
– Battle Royale: Kill 10 enemies.
– pac man: collect all of coins.
– Green zone: occupy that the green zone.

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