Madmen Racing 2

About Madmen Racing 2

Madmen Running 2 is the second game within this incredibly enjoyable and one of a kind racing game series made by Dmytro Borozenets.

The match has a total of 1 2 very unique characters, each shooting control of some unique vehicle such as an elderly man riding a bicycle, a character from starwars riding a two wheeled vehicle, the dog owner by the Papa’s Restaurant series riding a hamburger car… But whenever you start outside the match, you’re only awarded one character along with a easy vehicle. In order be able to unlock the other characters, you’re going to really have buy them with money.

The sport has an overall total 32 stages, each stage rewarding you with more money the better your achievements are. Within this part, besides the Nitro feature, your vehicle may also jump to avoid the barriers in front of you and pick weapons up on the racetrack and utilize them to cause trouble to the competitor racers.

Additionally in each stage, it is possible to get bonus cash through the celebrities that you acquire. Each stage has a maximum of 3 stars and will have different requirements to achieve such stars. Some times you’ll be required to beat a certain rank or have to perform a certain range of springs, additional times you have to destroy the snowmen on the race track…

Each vehicle has 6 unique stats and also you can make use of the cash you’ve made to upgrade these stats and create your vehicles better.

The game included that a save feature, which include a local save and also an online save. There’s also an achievement platform together with a leaderboard to honor the top players.

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