The play-style at Rogue Soul two is like the match. However, this time round, each point will possess their particular objective to finish like leaping on the shrub, rescuing offenders, beating enemies by employing specific skills… so whenever you finish those objectives, you are going to get golden stars. Do not neglect to pick up the money bags lying in your way.

Rouge Soul two contains some upgrades, for example and is also challenging :

New skills : stomp, dual hop, slide and wallrun
New items : armors, projectiles, blossoms.
A brand fresh loot strategy : 14 aims to get.
Stronger enemies : 16 distinct sorts of enemies.
New skins which may be bought with gold celebrities.
A shop where you could use gold coins to upgrade your own skillsand abilities having a shameful economy spot in which you are able to purchase better weapons and equipment.

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