Dead Samurai

About Dead Samurai

Dead Samurai is a very interesting fighting game developed by Wolf Games. The game is extremely eye-catching and you can play with on it on web flash.

When playing the game, you will realize that it is very similar to games like Mortal Kombat, Samurai Shodown or Street Fighter. Each personality will probably have different weapons.

In battle, anybody who loses most of the health will soon be the loser. You will have the ability to jump, conduct, roll, crouch and even use combos if you know just how to utilize these (see The Way To Play in the Main Menu of the game).

You could even grab their weapons and use two blades simultaneously. Additionally, there are other weapons such as shurikens, bullets and bubbles to unlock other capabilities.

There are also other games in the series that you play such as Dead Samurai two as well as similar games which you could play such as straw-hat Samurai, Mushashi…

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