Papa’s Freezeria

About Papa’s Freezeria

Papa’s Freezeria can be really a recreational game with a cute art style for all ages manufactured by Flipline Studio.

The game will run you through a tutorial first for you to know about the essential attributes and information in this overall game.

With each client entering the shop, you will have to follow the steps:

Order Station: Writedown the customer’s arrangement onto the order ticket.
Build Station: Create the icecream at the appropriate size that the customer ordered.
Mix Station: You need to bring the mixable stuff like strawberry or biscuit, then you add some syrup like vanilla, chocolate… following what has been written down on the purchase ticket, then finally mix the lotion as evenly as possible to make it as tasty as feasible.
Best Station: Listed below you add the toppings into the ice-cream whilst the customer needed.

Once you’re finished, the customer should have the ability to enjoy your Pot and will review you based on the four criteria’s preceding, and the greater the score, the more hints you’ll get. Bear in mind that if you leave the customers waiting too long, you are going to lose things.

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