Hobo 7 Heaven

About Hobo 7 Heaven

Hobo 7: Heaven is your seventh installment of this typical and fun fighting game series made by Seething Swarm and published with Armor Games. Within this part, our hobo after beating Satan doesn’t have any idea why he is transported into paradise. However, this is a sacred place and can be heavily forbidden for people enjoy our hobo to enter therefore he has chased off by angels. Angry because of that, our hobo once-again wrecks things up attempting to destroy heaven itself only to relieve his anger.

Your aim in Hobo 7 will be really to simply help our hobo defeat all the angels in paradise, and attempt to grab weapons like golden fruits, holy swords… since they may be of use for you in battle. Most importantly, attempt to overcome the last boss of this game: God, the powerful principle of all of paradise.

When achieving new combos, the match will provide you a code so that after you come back into the match, you simply need to type from the code and the hobo will be capable of using the combos and never having to match the match

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