Ninja Turtles vs Power Rangers

About Ninja Turtles vs Power Rangers

Ninja Turtles vs Power Rangers is a fighting game featuring super heroes fighting each other. Within this match, you get to see our recognizable ninja turtles going up against the power rangers.

The game allows you to pick 1 of 10 fighters which include the 4 ninja turtles Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatelloand the 6 power rangers April,Tommy, Andros, Jason, Orion and Shelby, each with their own special weapons and techniques.

Training: This really is a style for beginners in which you can pick your character as well as your competitor’s character so that you can practice your own abilities.
Missions: In this manner, there really are a total of 10 assignments and you finish a mission, you can receive special rewards. You want to select 2 characters to experience the assignments.
Softball: This mode allows you to pick a character and you’ll have to win 9 rounds using 9 distinct competitions.
Versus: This mode lets you select two characters in addition to two opponent characters. You are able to put the competitions’ difficulty between 3 settings: easy-normal-hard.

The game has 1-3 achievements that you unlock.

Every character has 2 strikes comprising a normal attack and also a strong strike. It’s possible to combine a personality’s strike buttons together with direction buttons to make stronger skills. Whenever your personality hits or gets struck, your power meter increases once the pub is packed, you are able to perform that character’s signature move.

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