Cube Ninja

About Cube Ninja

Cube Ninja is an infinite – runner match released by ONDUCK GAMES. The game has simple gameplay along with adorable images appropriate for ages, especially kids and families. It’s possible to experience this match in your browser as it is a flash webgame.

In the game you will control a ninja along with your task is to run so long as achievable. The ninja will automatically run always on the wood roads and your task will be to switch the run way of the ninjato avoid the obstacles in the trail.

There will soon be two lines running for you to switch, these two lines will be parallel to one another. Nevertheless, the terrain of each and every run will probably differ and you also need to choose the safe line.

If you allow the ninja rush into the holes, then you will also lose.

You should also note the “Speed Up” items away from home.

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