Cowboy Shoot Zombies

About Cowboy Shoot Zombies

Cowboy Shoot Zombies is an endless runner type video game. Within this sport, you control a cowboy because he moves via a road full of zombies and gold coins. Try not to allow the zombies touch you personally or you’ll perish.

You are able to use a weapon into take down the zombies in how, but remember there is a cool-down period between each shot, making it harder when you have to deal with 2 zombies standing next together as each shot could just kill 1 zombie. Besides that, while running you will discover white horses that you can ride and ram into the zombies.Also remember that after the time for riding your horse stands out, you’ll continue running in your foot of course, if there are zombies nearby afterward you will need to focus and either get pass it kill it.

When picking up grenades on your path, you will receive all the coins and blow off all the zombies on the monitor.

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