Car Eats Car 3

About Car Eats Car 3

If you have played through the previous games from the show and has been fascinated by the unique play mode of the Vehicle Eats Car series afterward in the 3rd game, you’ll be surprise by the inclusion of those new and fascinating features:

Your car is currently pre-equipped together with the Golden Blaster.
The game has 20 levels and especially in levels 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20, you will have to go up against the repeats.
The upgrade platform has an extra upgrade section for the Blaster.
There are now 7 types of bombs and gadgets to upgrade.

There’s a brand new feature which are decals which you can purchase from the Shop to decorate your own car.

Along with the newest features, the terrain in each degree has gotten more challenging, the number of enemies have also grow, and sometimes you’ve got to go up with 3 to 4 enemies rushing in your direction at once.

The game has premium content in the form of 4 VIP things like the “Mouse” tank, even the most “Antigravs” wheels, the “Hex A Thrusters” wings that makes the automobile soar, and finally the “Mohawk Gun”. You’re going to have to perform all the hard requests in order to unlock the items and use them.

There are additional games in the show like Car Eats Automobile, Car Eats Auto two or you could also play similar games like Microboats, Superbike Racer…

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