Crazy Birds 2

About Crazy Birds 2

Crazy Birds 2 is a puzzle game released by The game has simple gameplay and graphics, suitable for all ages, especially kids and families. As that can be a internet game so you can play with it in your own browser.

You’ll find a total of 28 stages in this game. Each stage is likely to be another map also have different challenges for you personally. Your task in this game is to shoot that the birds from the pigs and kill the pigs.

At every point, you may have a definite number of birds. If you take advantage of all of the birds and also have not destroyed all of the pigs in the map, then you can lose.

The process with the game is that the pigs are protected by wooden iron or frames frames, and also you have to destroy them to kill the pellets inside.

Moreover, the game also supports up to 8 languages to pick from.

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