Amigo Pancho 4

About Amigo Pancho 4

Still with the recognizable Disney animation style as before, but the storyline is more interesting using three parts and also our main character in this section is Pancho.

Game Contains 3 1 stages divided into 3 parts:

Part 1 in level 1 to level 10: Talk about Pancho and the arid desert Texax to China with Tibetan fan Pancho. At this level 10 you will face the cactus shoot out thorns, the wheel packed with sawdust the ball hanging cactus, the giant fire knobs …
Component 2 from level 11 to level 20: Discussing about Pancho time for Texax out of Chian, the enemies Pancho faced are 44 flying saucers, giant bees, Pancho’s Bubble Panic …
Part 3 in flat 2 1 to par 3-1: discussion about climate change. Texas high in rain using 5 degrees F and F Siberia in Russia are overly great with a temperature of 89 degrees F. Pancho decided to earn a visit to Siberia. However, that the Regular enemy is facing huge clouds of hail gas flows that Spitfire, are deciphering in order to trigger the missiles …

In general, challenges are pushed to some rather higher amount, after finding a way to destroy the obstacles in addition to getting a safe course to escape, you have to govern the real time. What can be done on the road as the road safety is occasionally very narrow only enough to fly two balloons. Just a little biased may be unable to safely fly upward.

Each stage at the beginning will have 1, 000 points which number will decrease until you finish the stage. Now, the remaining part of the score is that the amount of points that you gain by the point.

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