Flappy Bird

About Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird can be really a recreational game that requires the player to be really attentive. In this game, you can control a yellowish bird because it tries to make its strategy pass on the green pipes, together with every green pipe that you simply pass giving you 1 point. If you notice, the green pipes within this game look very similar to the green pipes at the Mario matches, but now the sole distinction is that you need to avoid them rather than going into them.

Do not forget that the bird will probably fall down in the event you never continuously click on the mouse to create the bird flap its wings. Time your mouse-clicks carefully to ensure the bird will probably neither fall into a floor nor reach any one of those green pipes.

Different from other matches, what makes this game interesting is its own challenges and difficulty. You will have to be precise in planning the exact distance between your bird and also the pipes and time that your clicks in for the bird to jump beyond the pipes as whenever the bird jumps, it reaches the exact height and moves at exactly the same pre determined arc.

As you of those top games on the planet, Flappy Bird is still really a addicting game that’s been played with many individuals all over the planet. This version of Flappy Bird additionally allows you to talk about your score on societal networking pages so that you are able to show off your score to your own friends and coworkers… Try to get the highest score that you are able to win awards and put your score onto the online leader board.

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