Trollface Quest TV Shows

About Trollface Quest TV Shows

Trollface Quest shows is an intriguing puzzle game developed by PPLLAAYY. This match is truly funny and unfair, suitable for those who enjoy trolls. You are able to play with this game on the web because it’s a flash video game.

Once you step into the game, you will understand that you have had the full evening of trolls.

Very similar to additional trollface games, the puzzles in this game will be quite special and they have no logic. You want to find your own answer by clicking on all items in your own game screen.

As an example, in stage 2, you may see that a trollface and a physician. It is possible to simply click to the physician. When you click the doctor, the heartbeat monitor will do the job. Subsequently the trollface will sneeze and make the doctor drop his stick. In the long run, you lose. But when you click repeatedly on the surface of the trollface whilst one’s heart rate monitor is working, the trollface will fart and you finish the stage.

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