Snail Bob

About Snail Bob

Snail Bob is physics based puzzle game in Developer Hunter Hamster Studio, therefore if you are a physics puzzlers fan, here may be actually the must-try game. You will undoubtedly be surprised to understand that the snail game may be quite so cute. The game is targeted at children and familyand it’s rather simple in graphics or require exemplary skills to get the match. There’s very little violence or scariness, even the dragons, evil ghosts, wasps, vampires and wizards look so cute, ghost come slowly and using only a click, so it vanish into thin air. Snail Bob goes into adventures through town, desert, space, winter wonderland or island and also need to be safe from all objects, gadgets, and creatures to the depart.

There are totally 8 episodes and each contains 20 – 30 degrees.

The first 4 episodes are all flash based games along with Snail Bob 5 through 8 move multiplatform with HTML5 that browsers and mobile apparatus (iOS and mobile operating-systems can all understand it. Using one language make the game be much smarter and more popular particularly in the age when most of individuals enjoy game by mobile surfing.

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