Raft Wars

About Raft Wars

Raft Wars is just a turn-base shooter game made by Martijn Kunst. If you are a fan of this specific kind of shooter game then it may be the match for you personally.

This game series is made up of two parts comprising of the original that you’re playing at this time and the sequel titled Raft Wars 2.

The match it self is about a boy named Simon who dug up gold and diamonds on a shore and soon became rich, news is spread by the press and at the exact same time, poor men are also trying to throw the boy’s treasure. Your job is to help the boy together side his brother as they fend off against the evil guys which are approaching the beach desiring to throw the treasure.

After each point, the enemies will soon be armed with much more progress weapons plus they’ll be put in harder to reach locations.

The characters that you control in addition to the criminals each have a gym. Based on the force and also the angle of your shot in addition to the form of bullet, the damage will differ, of course, in the event the gym on each side is depleted your character or the enemy will die. If most of your characters perish then you definitely lose, but if each of the enemies perish afterward you’ll need to pass the point.

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