Papa Louie 3

About Papa Louie 3

Papa Louie 3 is the 3rd installment in this activity game set made by Matt Neff and Tony Solary out of Flipline Studio. In this game, you may choose to play either as a guy (Marty), a girl (Rita).

When you begin the game, then you get to watch an introductory video about the game: You and your colleagues ‘ are working in a Papa Louie onto a boat. At a celebration at which restaurant was being introduced, the strange customer out of the second match looks again and it has once more made a rift to shoot everyone on the boat into sweets land. Your aim is to overcome all the monsters and rescue the captured clients in this new land.

In the 3rd game, the challenges are somewhat harder as you sometimes will need to move underwater. Remember that in each stage, you’ve got 3 hitpoints of course, if you touch a monster, you will lose a hitpoint. The match also has a timer to time the length of time it took for you in order to complete the stage.

With the regular creatures, you’re able to jump on their heads to stun them or you’ll be able to hit them. Together with sundae monsters though, you can not conquer them immediately and instead are required to beat them up till they fall apart.

When you finish a stage, you’ll get new skills that will help you with after stages.

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