About DogeMiner

DogeMiner is just a simulation game that unites a unique clicker genre. With very easy graphics and gameplay, this game is acceptable for all ages. Specially for those that prefer to kill a while.

First, whenever you enter the game, you may experience a tutorial. This tutorial discusses about your primary aim may be your Moon. You will get a handle on a cute dog, utilize the missile to fly up the Moon and harness the golden coins (Dogecoin).

However, you need a large amount of Dogecoin to spend money on the missile to fly to the moon. First you have to exploit dogecoin in the ground. Together with each click, canine will get inch Dogecoin. The mouse clicks, the more dogecoin you’ll have.

An intriguing aspect of the game may be your Upgrade feature. There are six types of items in the Store (at different prices) that will assist you in getting more out of Dogecoin. That is:

Mining Shibe: very kind shibe to mine substantially dogecoin.

Slave Kittens: article cute video into the internet for dogecoin.

Space Rocket: fly to the Moon to find more dogecoin.

Moon Base: A base on the Moon to extract substantially dogecoin.

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