Rogue Soul

About Rogue Soul

Rogue Soul can be an endless runner game developed by SOULGAME and never Doppler. In this video game, you control a rouge soul who likes to create trouble, he uttered an apple and has since been wanted to get 42 gold coins. Believing that he’s the most popular thief in the area, he thankfully strolls together until he sees another wanted poster, with a different thief being wanted for up to 5000 gold coins, that makes him mad and becomes determined to cause more problem and surpass this value.

The best way to play “Rogue Soul” is very straightforwardto get a grip on the rouge soul and run so far as you can as the bounty will grow based on the distance that the rouge soul has travelled. However, you will have to be careful because there are many obstructions in the way you have to get pass this as treacherous terrain with obstacles that you must jumpover, walls you have to slip under, pits you have to parachute around, guards that you must dodge then counter attack…

Rouge soul is really an amazing game that has many unique abilities such as a way to double hop, throw knives, slide, utilize parts of cloth to parachute across large pits… make decent use of them to finish the 44 missions in “Rogue Soul”.

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