Trollface Quest 4

About Trollface Quest 4

Trollface Quest 4 is the fourth part with this mystery show manufactured by PPLLAAYY. This match is really funny and unjust, suitable for anyone that enjoy trolls. You can play with this game on the internet as it’s just a flash game.

Within this part 4, then the trollface’s Olympic flashlight is blown off and the task would be to illuminate the flashlight and help trollface eventually become the Olympic winner.

Comparable to the preceding segments, the stages of this game may also be “unfair” to you. However, the majority of the stages in this match will probably be about Olympic sports.

Use your creativity to finish the stage. Click on all items on the game screen to get the solution. As an example, in stage 2, if you click on the gunner he will miss 3 shots on target board. But when you pull the mark board closer into the shooter, he could hit on it three times and you also finish the stage

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