Fleabag vs Mutt

About Fleabag vs Mutt

Fleabag vs Mutt is a typical casual flash web game that is incredibly fun and interesting.

The game begins with a story about a mischievous cat named Fleabag and a short-tempered dog named Mutt living in two individual houses but are constantly quarreling with one another. And their struggle between both surfaced using the wall between the homes being the place of this struggle. Every one of them stands by their house and while Fleabag throws garbage from the garbage cans at Mutt, Mutt grabs his bones and throws it back at Fleabag hoping to hit Fleabag.

The game has 2 modes being 1-player mode and 2-player style. If you decide on 1-player style, you’ll go up against a computer player with 3 levels (easy-medium-hard), or if you want to compete with a friend then you are able to pick the 2-player mode.

The intriguing thing about the game is that when throwing, you’ll not just need to aim how much force you’re using but also look closely at the end direction as well as strength. If you don’t then your throws will likely probably be inaccurate.

There’s a gym on every side. Each time a character is hit, their health will decline, and those runs from health first will lose. You’ll also have to remember that you simply have as much time to target your throws because if you take too long, you’ll lose your turn.

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