Adam and Eve 3

About Adam and Eve 3

Adam and Eve 3 is a very interesting puzzle game. The match has bright and vibrant images, suitable for many ages, especially kids and families. As this can be a flash webgame which means that you can experience it close to your own browser.

Your task in the game is to locate a means to aid the ancient guy pass all stages in this game. Each stage is likely to soon be a different map and also you need to focus on the items which come in that map.

You want to combine all objects from the map to finish the stage. As an example, you want to click on the spider so it enters the tree, then you continue to click on the little bird therefore it flies in to the spider web (if there is a spider there, then the bird will not fly), today you’ll go through the bat and it’ll fly outside of the cave to capture the little bird also you’re able to go in the cave to complete the stage.

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