Papa’s Sushiria


In this area, your work place will probably be at a sushi restaurant in Japan. 1 time, even when you won a contest, you’re given a trophy which is a trip to see a sushi restaurant named Papa’s Sushiria, but once you had been about to leave the place afterwards, you unintentionally violated the restaurant lucky golden cat statue. Although the master does not charge you to get that statue, a few days later when you come back to the restaurant you encounter the dog owner who’s sad because the amount of hints are beginning to lessen. Believing that it was because you broke the kitty statue, you accept work in the restaurant as a way to help the restaurant owner get many clients and receive more advice.

The procedures in the restaurant are divided into 4 Major sections:

Order Station: Writedown the client’s order on the order ticket.
Cook Station: First you need to choose the sort of rice to cook, and then you definitely time it and insert a few Sushi Vinegar. Afterwards you want to place the cooked rice onto the wooden slab that has sea-weed laid ontop of it.
Build Station: Insert the ingredients that the customer asked onto the rice like crab meat, raw fish, and carrots, pickles… then roll on the sushi up and set the toppings along with the beers on. Finally, cut it into small equal parts and place them on the plate.
Tea Station: During this area, you acquire the drink that the client requested.

Subsequent to the customers finish eating your beef dishes, then you are going to be critiqued based on the 4 types above, and also the greater your score, the more hints you’ll receive as well as mini-game tickets that is often used to get items from mini-games like decorations for the restaurant, and clothing for your personality… while the tip can be used to buy equipment to help cook faster, more restaurant decorations also or accessories for yourself…

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