About Bloxorz

Bloroxz is a typical puzzle game created by Damien Clarke. The game has many levels and each level differs from the last. In every level, there is a hole and your goal is to move your block so that it goes into the hole. In case the block falls off the point then you will lose and have to restart the level.

There are some levels where you’ll find switches that if pressed on by the block is likely to create bridges appear to assist you reach the desired location. There are 2 main Kinds of buttons in the game:

Round switches (light): can be triggered with any side of this block pressing on it.
X-shape switches (hefty): could only be activated if the block is in an erect position when pressing on it.

However, though some switches always alter the bridges’ condition whenever pressed, other buttons can only be triggered once. Each switch activates its own bridge, and a few even have different colors. .

You should also note that some levels have orange tiles that can break and fall off when the cube is standing on top of it in a vertical position. One more interesting thing is that there are specific buttons which will teleport your cube and then divide it into two smaller identical square cubes that can be individually controlled and will combine back into a single big block when put beside each other. Bear in mind that these smaller blocks can’t enter the gap to complete the level.

Once you complete each level, the game will provide you with a passcode so it is possible to go straight back to the degree that you simply played whenever you revisit this match.

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