Angry Flappy Wings

About Angry Flappy Wings

Angry Flappy Wings is a intriguing game. This game has cute graphics, suitable for many ages, especially children and loved ones. It is possible to experience this match on your own browser because it is just a flash video game.

Have you played Flappy Bird? Angry Flappy Wings additionally offers similar gameplay to Flappy Bird. You will even click on the mouse to help the bird fly. However, the game has some interesting features:

First you’ll be able to play two players on precisely the same PC. Every participant can choose from 10 birds of different contours.

Second, the bird is really capable of fire over the trees to make openings. It is possible to restrain the bird flying using these openings to proceed.

Third, in this match there’ll soon be Bosses. Shoot them until their H P pub is 0.

Anyway, you could also collect items on the trail such as protect shield, stronger weapon … to be able to fly farther.

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