Truck Loader 3

About Truck Loader 3

Truck Loader 3 is the third installment of This puzzle game series by Anton Subochev, by Alexey Davydov and music by Gennady Kovshenin.

In this section, the gameplay is comparable to the last two, the job is going to be to retrieve the boxes and set them within the right position on the vehicle until “Leave the Truck” appears, You leave the truck and fill out the stage. But, there’s been an update of these challenges to create it tougher for players:

This section will probably have stages where you must make use of the jump skill of the car can over come the tricky terrain.
Take advantage of the debris from the delivery boxes to override the bureau buttons to generate a pathway.
There’ll be stages at which you need to put boxes onto two trucks instead of just one.
The terrain will soon be more difficult traveling, your vehicle will have to move very hard on the pub blocking the road
Sometimes you just have to continue to keep the cage together with the barbell magnet simply jump to press on the button to work the way.

The game will surprise you with all the accession of a basketball mini game point, you’ll need to isolate at the designated time, work with a basketball hoist and throw them into the basket as often as possible good.

At the start of each point, the system will count the seconds and show from the left side of the game screen to ensure you can be aware of how much time it takes to cross the point. In accordance with this moment, you will get stars corresponding to your maximum of 3 stars for every point.

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