Toy Defense

About Toy Defense

Toy Defense is a more typical tower defense type video game. At “Toy Defense”, you will find lots of stages with different sorts of enemies that will try to get to and destroy your own base.

Each point in Toy Defense has specific spots that you set up your troops, attempt to disperse your troops effectively to make sure that you can overcome your enemies and earn money out of them.

Toy Defense gives you different types of troops such as Rifleman, Flamethrower, Cannon, Ack- Ack. Bear in mind that enemies can attack your troops so that you’ll have to fix up them.

The interesting thing in “Toy Defense” is that in each point, you can think carefully and place troops in the ideal spot using the residual cash from the prior period, then press the Play button once you are ready to start. Especially, each time a stage ends, you usually takes back a couple troops to ensure whenever a new stage begins, you can redeploy those troops in a lower cost.

This game also has quite a distinctive upgrade system: each soldier has various capabilities to upgrade, and if playing you’ll have to choose which specific skill to upgrade for each individual troop which you want to upgrade. There are also 4 special skills: Repairman, Protective barrage, Resurrection, Squashing. Every skill is updated using celebrities you earned at the conclusion of each level.

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