About Dynamons

Dynamons is actually a pet conflict type game. Within this game, you play as a trainer on a quest to train your Dynamons to become stronger and win against other coaches and even encounter wild Dynamons.

Starting out, the match will allow you to choose 1 of 3 Dynamons, each with unique strengths, flaws and skills.

The intriguing thing in Dynamons is when fighting wild Dynamons, you are able to grab them should they’ve now been weaken in battle enough. Whenever you acquire a battle, your Dynamons are going to get EXP and eventually level up, become stronger and learn new abilities.

Keep in mind that after every battle, your Dynamons will get rid of health which means that you’ll need to use Hearts to heal them, however you need to make use of then conservatively as the match is only going to offer you 1 Heart every 30minutes.

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