Bullet Force

About Bullet Force

Bullet Force can be an extremely attractive shooter game developed by Blayze Games (Lucas Wilde). The game is impressed by the exceptional 3D graphics, multi player mode also allows players to have on the web flash.

Besides, the game also supports upto 18 firearms with different strengths.

– Multiplayer: This is a very interesting game style, you will directly fight together with other players online (could create a area or join at the room available).

– Singleplayer: This gameplay style includes two parts, Campaign and Skirmish. You’ll perform assignments within this mode and receive bonuses every time you finish a quest.

In battle, along with clever moves to fasten positions and kill enemies, it’s also advisable to use bombs because they deal massive damage.

The game also allows players to customize their preferences like Gameplay, Graphics, Language and Texture-Quality to deliver the very best user experience possible.

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