Dragonball Kart

About Dragonball Kart

Dragonball Kart is an incredibly cute and enjoyable racing game.

Once choosing the character, you need to enter the race with all the rest 3 competitors. Your task would be to restrain your car and reach the finish line in each race. The system may base over the rank to figure the points to the players.

The fun factor is the fact that the terrain will possess rock blocks in the way along with the squares with questionmarks are very like Mario. When you hit those squares, then you will have the chance to get these products. You can use these items to ensure it is difficult for your competitor.

In addition, the game includes “Special skill” very intriguing. After the energy bar is full, you can trigger this special power to “immobilize” the opponent for a couple of seconds. Nevertheless, the main job of the game will be to collect all 7 dragonballs from the races.

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