Bob The Robber 3

About Bob The Robber 3

Bob The Robber 3 is the next installment of this enjoyable puzzle game series. Within this section, the robber has been hired to head to your secret spot to finish a specific assignment, sometimes requiring you to maneuver in 1 area to another, and also other times demanding one to block the scientist by pressing on the alert button. The robber on their particular needs to find mandatory gadgets such as the paper clip to unlock locked doors or perhaps the pliers to cut the wire and eliminate the laser walls. Now round, you can also have to deal with heavily-equipped soldiers which can not be pumped out and could only be passed by hiding in the shadows.

Back in “Bob The Robber 3”, you’ll find really no longer multiple alerts, instead now when you make a mistake once you lose. Additionally, in “Bob The Robber 3” there are multiple save points in each point and that means that you won’t have to start from first when you lose.

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