Cannon Basketball 3

About Cannon Basketball 3

Cannon Basketball 3 is an enjoyable puzzle game developed by Oleg Kuzyk and his team. Using a very simple game, this is a web game suitable for all ages.

The game has a total of 30 degrees divided into two parts: the first 15 degrees will be easy mode and the next 15 amounts will probably be hard mode. Your task in the game is to find a way to place basketball to the basket. You may use a cannon to shootthe basketballs.

The impressive point of the game is that the number of balls which you may shoot at a level is unlimited. But you need to take them at the positions of these stars to get more things.

At every level, the cannon place is changed and the place of the stars is very difficult to shoot or perhaps cannot shoot. Consequently, you need to look at the objects in the map and use them to finish the level.

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