Truck Loader 4

About Truck Loader 4

Truck Loader 4 is the First installment in the puzzle game series by Anton Subochev, Images by Alexey Davydov and music by Gennady Kovshenin.

In this area, the gameplay resembles the last three, the job is going to be to reclaim the boxes and place them in the correct position in the truck before “Leave the Truck” looks, You leave the truck and fill out the stage. But there are some intriguing updates for your gamers as follows:

This department will have phases at which you need to utilize the boxes to the bureau buttons to find one other boxes.
Blend of facets like escalator, thrust of this bar when turning it on, wheelbarrow … to get the cart.
Twist the ideal burst boxes set up so that it explodes to make way.
A few stages have very difficult terrain, so you have to deftly throw the boxes onto the areas of the body in difficult places to fill out the stage.
Use this crates to create a path.
Some point will probably possess dark space which you cannot view its terrain.
The overall look of the ramp is likely to allow it to be problematic for you personally.
The stage includes two trucks to bunch your cart will appear more.

Within this section, in addition to the challenges and terrain has very substantial level of difficulty, you must also combine with skillful skill moves, otherwise you’ll be very tricky to finish this specific game.

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