Kingdom Rush Frontiers

About Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Compared to the first game, this one has more investments in it with lots of new features and comes with it many new challenges that are much more difficult than before. When you start the game, you will know of your goal by means of a clip presenting you with the game’s story. Like the first game, you are going to use gold to build towers in order to conquer the enemies and earn more gold. Nevertheless, the interesting new feature in this sequel is the fact that there are currently Heroes to restrain. They are generals that do greater damage than regular soldiers and may be transferred to the desired location to help defeat the waves of enemies. After each stage, your Heroes level up and has skill points which are utilized to increase your Heroes’ stats. Additionally after clearing a certain number of phases, you will unlock more Heroes with different layouts, skills and stats.

3 difficulty settings for players to choose from : Regular — Hard — Very Tough
The brand new Heroes system that includes 9 Heroes with 6 only being playable on line.
36 updates for the towers as well as the support abilities. Utilize the stars given when completing each point to upgrade everything all the way.
20 kinds of towers with different powers and traits.
41 types of enemies with different weaknesses and strengths.
72 accomplishments for one to get.

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