Hobo 2

About Hobo 2

Hobo two is the sequel to this typical and fun fighting game show made by Seething Swarm and published with Armor Games. In this area, our hobo has been thrown in to prison for moving public places from the first match, but his temperament stays the same. His inmate couldn’t simply take his dirtiness and unsanitary behavior a single day in lunch time, he struck him once.

Your goal in Hobo two is to assist our hobo defeat all that are in their own manner, preventing him from penetrating such as the tough-looking offenders, the jail keepers, guards which have guns and especially the Last boss of the game: a truck transporting soldiers and a

Within this game, the combos that the hobo can make have been updated, the dirtiness has growth and also has a larger effect selection. Once you achieve fresh combos, the game will provide you with a code so that when you come back into the match, you only have to type in the code and also the hobo should be able to use the combos and never having to match the match. Yet another thing, when you overcome the defenses that have guns, the hobo can pick up the firearms and use them.

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