Fancy Pants Adventure 2

About Fancy Pants Adventure 2

When you begin stage 1, then you’re going to be given a review of the match’s plot. You were merely been given an extremely yummy ice creamcone when suddenly, a giant rabbit steals it then jumps down a pit to escape. Angered for the you’re determined to jump down the hole yourself and look for the rabbit underground.

A brand new type of enemy are the snails that when jumped on will retract in their cubes in which instance you can then either kick the casing or throw it away. Other enemies such as lions and gun-wielding rats will be amazed when jumped on and you have to kick them to conquer them.

From the 2nd match, the terrain has also become an extremely big barrier for you personally as some times you’ve got to move underground while other times you have to deal with the terrains high above as well as constantly moving elevators that are meant to be in your way. Whenever you finally confront from the boss giant bunny, it has the ability to predict onto spiders, snails… so as to avoid you. You can not hop onto the giant rabbit as it’s not going to have damaged by that. You’re going to need to jump on the snail and then kick or throw the casing at the giant bunny to damage it.

This game also has a few other interesting things such as having 6 decorations and 6 trousers colors that you need to find and unlock over the duration of the match.

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